Legal advice is a crucial part of the decision-making process. It can help you understand the law, know your obligations, and ensure you act within your rights. You can also use legal advice if you're worried about taking specific actions. Unfortunately, not every individual can afford to hire a lawyer, and this is where Independent Legal Advice comes in to ensure you get the legal advice you need without breaking the bank.

What is Independent Legal Advice?

The concept of independent legal advice dates back to the 1990s and is common in connection with a mortgage or guarantee you, your partner, or your relative propose to enter into.

Independent legal advice, or ILA, is face-to-face or online advice where a solicitor gives to an individual regarding their obligation under a document. The solicitor must ensure no undue influence to enter into the document when providing ILA.

The role of independent legal advice has evolved over the years. In the past, many people relied on ILA to help them with simple matters such as civilian litigation or estate planning. But today, ILA has more robust applications and is sought out by individuals who are facing more complicated legal challenges, such as mortgages.

Our experienced solicitors for ILA can be a valuable resource for people in difficult situations. Our solicitors are fully qualified and trained to provide legal advice and meet the necessary requirements.

When Do You Need to Take Independent Legal Advice?

You might need the services of ILA in various circumstances. In many cases, the need for an ILA is often towards the end of a transaction and can often be the reason for delays. Some of the instances where you need our ILA services include the following:


Whether you’re an individual providing a guarantee for a debt or a director or shareholder for a company mortgage, you will need an ILA to understand the financial commitment you’re taking on.

Family Law

You may require ILA services when creating or reviewing financial statements or child custody agreements. In family law, the services are mostly sought during divorce proceedings.

Property Transactions

When entering into property transactions such as buying or selling property, you should ensure you understand the terms and implications of the transaction. The need for ILA is also crucial when securing a mortgage of a third-party property over your own, in the transfer of equity, in transactions with a gifted deposit, and in instances that include an occupier's consent form.

Will and Estate

You can also involve independent legal advice when creating or modifying wills, trusts, or estate planning to ensure the individual understands the implications and consequences of their decisions.

Employment Agreements

An ILA can also be useful when negotiating employment contracts, severance agreements, or settlement agreements to protect the rights and interests of the employee.

You should also consider ILA services when discussing consumer contracts and business transactions, such as acquisitions, mergers, partnerships, and insurance agreements.

In an ILA, the solicitor will help you understand the complex terms and details in the contracts and help you comprehend the terms, coverage, and obligations of the different contracts and other legal documents.

Why is ILA Required?

An independent legal advisor is required for several reasons, mainly to protect the interests, rights and well-being of individuals involved in various legal transactions or situations.

With Independent Legal Advice, you get transparent, fair and legally compliant advice and the protection of your rights and interests for a more equitable legal system.

Some of the reasons you should consider ILA include:

Informed decision making

Independent legal advice is crucial when making important decisions with legal ramifications. With ILA, you can access comprehensive legal information and guidance, enabling them to make informed decisions based on a clear understanding of their legal rights and obligations.

Conflict of interest mitigation

You can mitigate conflicts of interest by obtaining advice from our independent legal professionals. You can also ensure the advice is unbiased and solely based on your interests.

Legal compliance

ILA is part of legal compliance. It ensures that you understand your legal commitments, actions, and agreements, that the various transactions comply with the relevant laws, legal standards, and regulations, and that it reduces the risk of legal challenges and disputes in the future.

Risk assessment and management

Our ILA professionals can help assess the potential risks associated with their decisions or actions, allowing them to effectively manage and mitigate these risks.

Protection of vulnerable individuals

ILA also confirms that individuals are not under pressure, duress, or coercion to agree to terms or actions against their will. Independent legal advice ensures you enter into agreements voluntarily and without undue influence.

Complex legal transactions

In complex legal transactions or agreements, such as property transactions or business deals, ILA is crucial to ensure individuals fully comprehend the intricacies and potential implications of the legal terms.

Liability and accountability

Another reason to seek independent legal advice is to help you establish accountability by ensuring that individuals know the legal responsibilities and liabilities they may incur due to their actions or decisions.

Court recognition and validity

In the case of court-approved settlements, the involvement of ILA can enhance the court's validity and acceptance of agreements and provide an added layer of credibility.

Taking advantage of our Independent Legal Advice can provide numerous benefits in various transactions and legal processes at affordable and competitive prices, ensuring you have access to competent legal advice and the opinions of qualified solicitors.

What Will the ILA Solicitor Discuss?

During your ILA meeting with the solicitor, several considerations and discussions will occur to ensure you comprehensively understand the legal requirements and implications. Some of the issues you should expect to discuss with your Independent Legal Advice solicitor include:

Understanding the matter at hand

The solicitor's first step is to understand the transaction and the documentation provided. They will also clarify specific transaction agreements or situations that necessitate the need for ILA to tailor the advice accordingly.

Legal implications and consequences

the solicitor will explain the legal ramifications and potential consequences of proceeding with the transaction or action under consideration.

Rights and obligations

The solicitor will also explain your legal rights, obligations, and duties associated with the transaction. This is crucial in ensuring you fully understand your legal position.

Potential risks and liabilities

The solicitor will help you identify and discuss potential risks, liabilities, and legal challenges arising from the proposed action and provide an informed perspective.

Alternative courses of action

If the legal terms are not favourable, the solicitor will discuss potential alternative legal options or courses of action available. The solicitor will also help you assess the advantages and disadvantages of the transaction in question.

Compliance and legal requirements

During the ILA, the solicitor will also ensure that the proposed action complies with all the relevant laws, regulations and legal standards and highlight any potential areas of non-compliance.

Terms and conditions

We will also review and explain the terms, conditions, and clauses of contracts, agreements, or documents related to the matter to ensure you understand them and their significance.

Financial and tax implications

We will also discuss the financial and tax implications associated with the different proposed actions, transactions or agreements with you so you can make informed decisions.

Timeframe and process

We will also take time to provide information on the timeframe and the steps involved in completing the transaction or action, including any legal or administrative procedures. Depending on the proposed action, we may also guide you on the necessary steps required during various stages.

Confidentiality and privacy

We will also ensure that you are assured of confidentiality and privacy regarding the information shared during the ILA process, as per the legal and ethical obligations.

Opportunity for questions and clarifications

If you have not fully understood any aspects of the proposed action or have concerns, we always allow you to voice your concerns and ask questions so you thoroughly understand the legal advice provided.

How Independent Legal Advice Works

Getting independent legal advice from one of our solicitors is easy and takes only three simple and quick steps:

Book a free consultation

Set up a free consultation at a time that is convenient for you. The consultation is booked online, saving you the hassle and time. You only need to provide minimal details and describe the possible action you need legal advice on.

Contact the Solicitor

We will provide you with an approved panel solicitor who will contact you at your preferred date and time to discuss your needs and requirements.

Same-day document dispatch

We will aim to provide you with the required independent legal advice and dispatch the documents on the same day.

You don’t need to make any payments when setting up the free consultation. We only charge you after providing the free advice.

Why You Should Work with Independent Legal Advice

Independent legal advice is crucial to making an important decision, so you should partner with solicitors. Here are a few reasons why you should contact Independent Legal Advice for your ILA needs:

Free Consultations

You deserve to know whether the solicitor you are connected with is worth your time and money and has the expertise and knowledge of the field of law you're interested in. At Independent Legal Advice, you get a free consultation, which gives you a sneak peek at the quality of advice and the expertise of our solicitors before you commit to paying for the advice.

The free consultations can be a mine of information to help you make informed decisions.

Same-day Appointments

We understand some legal issues can be pressing and time-sensitive, so with Independent Legal Advice, we provide same-day apportionments to ensure we provide you with the legal advice you need when needed. You can get the legal advice you need with same-day appointments, even on short notice.

Fast Turnaround

We work fast and effectively. Many clients we handle are trying to complete huge deals and must make fast decisions. We go through the documents provided thoroughly and quickly. To provide a fast but effective turnaround.

Competitive Pricing

With our independent legal advice services, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to secure the services of a solicitor. We provide quality, effective and competitive rates that make legal advice affordable.

ILA Certificate Included

We will provide you with reliable legal advice and an ILA certificate. This shows that you have sought legal advice and have been neutrally advised.

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